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CloudWorks by TAMISER

Today, enterprise technology environment is revolutionizing at a rapid pace – mostly driven by the Cloud. To stay up-to-date is both,  mandatory and challenging at the same time. To help your business and IT team understand & manage the ever-changing technology dynamics, Tamiser CloudWorks provides Cloud Migration services, Hosting, Application Modernization, Managed services and Monitoring.

Our skilled Certified solution architects can help you develop and execute fully-featured services for databases, analytics, storage, networking, mobile, security, compute, composite, deployment, and management services to scale up your business and fulfill your organization’s requirements. To empower your business with cloud, we go beyond just Cloud consulting to help you achieve the most ambitious business objectives with our managed Cloud Consulting Service.


Architecture Design

  • Expertise in designing high-level hybrid / multi cloud

  • Our team of certified developers have top-of-the-line expertise in all areas of the Cloud

  • In-depth knowledge and extensive experience

  • Execution expertise on PaaS, IaaS, Hybrid and Multi models

  • Backup and disaster recovery planning services

  • Audit simulation & support


Migration Services

Migration Assessment and Planning

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Infrastructure Migration to IAAS

  • Application Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Post Migration Support

Monitoring Room

Managed Services

  • Managed services for a cloud environment

  • Managed high-performing cloud computing

  • System health checks, updates, and tune-ups

  • Monitoring, alerting, patching & updating

  • Reporting & performance analysis

  • Service management for 24 x 7 x 365

To learn more about us and what we can do for you, please
call us +91 730 450 1555 or email at

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